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Symptoms of knee roughness and treatment

The symptoms of knee roughness and treatment are at the center of our issue today. Knee stiffness is one of the most prominent diseases affecting the knee joints and can lead to erosion of the cartilage and the articular surfaces that surround it and protect them from direct contact with each other.

As a result, degeneration and lack of cohesion of the cartilage, which causes cracking and decomposition of the surface and becomes naked bone cartilage.

Several biological and animal factors play a prominent role in knee stiffness and cause moderate to serious symptoms. We are more familiar with its treatment with Dr. Nader Darwish, orthopedic surgeon and specialist knee and sports consultant at Burjil Advanced Surgical Hospital in Dubai.

Causes of knee roughness

According to d. Darwish, the knee roughness can occur due to the following reasons:

• Age: One of the most important causes of knee stiffness, because of weak joints and the inability of the body to renew cells.

• Weight gain: Overweight is a major cause of knee stiffness in the Arab world, especially women, which increases the pressure on the joints.

• Genetic factor: Studies have shown that a proportion of people with knee stiffness caused by hereditary.

• Malpractice in daily life: such as sitting for long periods of time squatting and using inclusions frequently.

• Arthritis-related diseases such as rheumatism.

• The knee has a severe injury, such as fractures and ligaments.

• Frequent stress on the knee, which increases pressure on them and erodes the surrounding cartilage.

• Growth disorders and irregular body hormones.

Symptoms of knee roughness

D. Darwish The following symptoms of knee stiffness:

• Fatigue and fatigue during the rise and fall of stairs.

• swelling or swelling of the joint.

• Feeling stiff joints especially during the morning.

• Difficulty performing many daily tasks, walking and sitting.

• Feeling sudden pain and inability to feel the joint.

• Injury to limp because of the uneven knees during walking.

Methods of treatment of knee roughness

The treatment is divided into two parts, namely surgical and non-surgical treatment, Darwish is as follows:

Non-surgical treatment: This type of treatment is initiated in the early stages of knee stiffness.

– Follow the instructions and instructions that help to reduce the pain on the knee.

– Exercise that suits the condition of the body and the patient.

– The use of localized injections divided into two types: needles containing cortisone, which is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory but temporarily, and helps to relieve pain.

– Oily needles, which works to lubricate the joint and cartilage, and help the billion and reduce the proportion of friction joints.

– Use warm compresses, put on the knee for twenty minutes more than once a day. – Take medications and painkillers such as paracetamol, and with these medications the patient needs a long period of treatment lasting several months.

• Surgical treatment: Surgery is used in difficult cases and advanced, and after the failure of all previous treatments, and is performed on the causes of the causes of knee stiffness.

These include:

– Surgery to correct the curvature of the legs.

– Surgery to clean cartilage and restore the lion through the endoscope.

– Cultivation of joint joints or what is known as joint replacement.

Methods of prevention of knee roughness

Says Dr. Darwish that following these methods protects from the roughness of the knee:

• Exercise continuously.

• Avoid stress and stand for long periods.

• Avoid excessive climb and descent of drawers.

• Balanced food that protects the body from excess weight.

• Relieve weight until the pressure on the knee is lessened.


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