Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency on nails


Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency appear on the nails gradually and increase as vitamin D deficiency increases in the body, but it is disturbing that the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, including what affects the nails, need a long time and regularity in the level of vitamin D until they return to normal and their health characteristics, so You should continue to check the stock of vitamins in the body and most important vitamin D.

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency on nails:

  • A number of studies have confirmed that vitamin D deficiency causes nail fragility.
  • Vitamin D inhibits calcium absorption necessary for nail safety.
  • Vitamin D deficiency causes a break in protein layers in the nails.
  • Weak nails are symptoms of vitamin deficiency.
  • Dry nails and easy to break the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.
  • The change in the color and shape of the nails marks the imbalance of vitamin levels.

Important Vitamins for Nail Health:

Vitamin C – Vitamin A – Vitamin B – Vitamin E

Sources of natural vitamin D:

  • Sun is the first source.
  • Fish especially tuna rich in vitamin D.
  • chicken eggs.
  • Liver meat.
  • Dairy products and cheese.
  • Soy derivatives.
  • Oats.
  • Vegetables include peas, mushrooms, broccoli and avocados.

Note: Before you follow this treatment or this method, please consult your doctor.


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