Synopsis Forced to marry a young master May 13, 2022: Detective David’s mission is successful, Anita’s identity is revealed

MEDAN JOURNAL – Synopsis Forced to Marry Tuan Muda May 13, 2022, today ANTV tells that David’s detective mission has succeeded in uncovering the fake identity of Anita.

Previously, Abhimana ordered David to spy on fake Anita and Reno.

At that time Abhimana did not believe that Anita was still alive, let alone rose from the grave.

Feeling unnatural, David finally made a plan by following the fake Anita to several places.

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He also found a strange thing, namely that Anita fake had been a fraudulent investment agent.

On the other hand, Abhimana secretly devises a plan to uncover the culprit who tried to eliminate him in the forest.

At that time, Kinanti was also increasingly curious about her husband’s secret plans, who often stayed in the secret room.

Until Kinanti confided to Grandmother Martha that Abhimana often shut himself up and rarely left his room.