Synopsis of Khung Sanaeha, Channel 7HD (first episode)

Synopsis Kung Sanaeha Channel 7HD

At the Lad Chado River Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province woman (Krittha Sangsaopas) The beautiful girl of Lad Chado Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province Her beauty was known throughout the riverbank. But still no man dared to sell dumplings. because they all knew that Mother Mara Sri, who was her daughter clear (Supranee Charoenphon) with adults charity (Anan Bunnag) of Ban Lat Chado The mouth is sharper than scissors Some men ran away from each other, there would only be Wichan (Kritsaphon Suthihirundamrong) The sweet-faced young hero of the “Faculty of Chiwan Kwan Ayudhya” is the only one that Mara Mara follows every morning and evening. Use sweet words to beg for a weak-hearted young hero But it didn’t work. It also makes an issue with “Dok Aung” (Saranchat Mitchai) The heroine of the Li-Kay group is on a regular basis. until one day something happened When Marasri learns that the Li-Kate Duangchiwan troupe will perform in Bangkok So she secretly ran away from home with Bitch (Nattarin Suwanlert) close nanny Go to Bangkok to see the favorite young hero’s likeligae.

At Bangkok Marasri met Anon (Nattaphon Raiwong) a handsome young policeman, son of the village headman flame (Trin Setachok) of Ban Pan, a close friend of his father. But the two couldn’t remember each other. because they met since childhood when Anon came to study in Bangkok We haven’t seen each other again. When Mara Si met Anon, it wasn’t very destiny. Plus, there’s such a thing as a pair of scissors like the devil’s mouth attacking him. But who would have thought that a young policeman like Anon was attracted to an outspoken girl like Marsri? There is also a coincidence when a murder occurs in the Li-Ke group. Anon had to travel to Lat Chado to investigate the case. he disguised himself as Mr. Mai and came to work at the elder’s charity house Marasri saw Anon and was suspicious and familiar with his face as if he had seen him somewhere. But fresh, who likes wood very much Confirm that Anon is the elder Mai’s neighbor. to help Anon get a job Marsri therefore gave up his doubts, but still felt that he was not destined to have things to bite each other all the time. and when the meritorious elders ordered Mr. Mai to take care of Mara No matter where you go or what you do, you have to take care not to lose sight. Mara Si was even more dissatisfied.

At Lat Chado, besides Anon coming to investigate the case, there are many other cases for him to deal with. whether to deal with thieves such as hungry tiger who plundered and made trouble for the villagers They also have to protect the villagers from the persecution of the father and son. rich man power (Surasak Chaiyaat) with Sakon (Natchanon Phuwanon) including protecting Mara from the harassment of Sakon who wants to marry Mara Sri While disguised at Lat Chado It was almost completely broken when Ampha (Busarin Wonglilanon), his beautiful sister meets when he learned that he had come to investigate The two brothers help to hide this secret. Ampha wants to help her brother to be fulfilled with Marasri. but instead made Mara Si jealous without realizing it. and messy things can happen When Wichan meets Ampha, he likes it and follows Ampha. But Ampha doesn’t care. and also encountered obstacles from the father-in-law who cares for his daughter more than the egg in the stone and moreover, father Kamnan also hates Li-Kae. but still fortunate to have a mother cool mind (Kwanruedi Klomklom) hibiscus (Piyada Penchinda) longan (Wachira Permsuriya) The three wives of the Kamnan who is the mother of yak kli ke to help fully support

The case is not over yet. Love is a mess Anon will solve the mystery of the murder case. and how to win the heart of Mara Sri If Mara Si knows that he is not an ordinary worker but a policeman, what will happen!! Follow each other in the drama “Kung Saneha” Every Monday – Friday at 6:45 PM. First start Friday May 27 On Channel 7HD, press 35

List of leading actors, Khung Sanaeha, Channel 7HD

  • Biu Nattaphon Raiwong as Anon Singbanpan / Nai Mai
  • Ching Ching Krittha Sangsaopas as Marasri Phonboon (pronounced Phol-la-bun)
  • Grace Busarin Wonglilanon as Ampha Singbanpan
  • Nino Kritsaphon Suthihirundamrong as Wichan
  • Aon Nasaran Jumponwiwat as Ton
  • Pang Sarunchat Mitchai as Dok Auang
  • Libya Nattarin Suwanlert as Jud
  • Little Pitiphon Porntrisat as Thew
  • Turk Natchanon Phuwanon as Sakon Kongwadee
  • Tan Kanya Rattanaphet as Phuong
  • Natchayakan Pakwan as Pikul
  • A Anan Bunnag as the elder Kuan Phonboon
  • Kai Supranee Charoenphon as Phongphaew Phonboon
  • A Chaiya Mitchai as Chamras
  • Trin Setthachoke as Kamnan Pleaw Singbanpan
  • Kwan Kwanruedi Klomklom as Yenjit Singbanpan
  • Yong Phichet Iamnaa as Thongyod Kwan Ayuthaya
  • Kluay Pratana Banchongsang as Duangcheewan Kwan Ayudhaya
  • Noo Surasak Chaiyaat as Millionaire Amnat Kongdee
  • Atai Suphathat Opas as Artee Saeseng
  • Ae Piyada Penchinda as Chaba Singbanpan
  • Ae Wachira Permsuriya as Lamyai Singbanpan
  • Ice Natasa Vejprasit as Chuanchom
  • Jub Jib Thananchai Hianchasri as Moo Peak
  • Noi Nattanee Sitthisamarn as Yai Prik
  • King Napat Chumchittri as Ae
  • Nutthakan Ampornpong as Nuon
  • Rungkanda Benjamaporn as Grandma Chuw
  • Mam Pariya Wongrabat as Jeju
  • Jeab Sopitapa Chumphanee as the beauty of a hundred stage
  • Too Jarusiri Phuwanai as Sam
  • Sitthipong Imsathien as Mana Phanplai (Pee Dog)
  • Chompoonut Puengphol as Saisom, always beautiful
  • Son Sonthaya Chitmanee as Hung Suea
  • Patchanok Iamsaard as Ngam (Mia Moo Piak)