Syria controls territory where 90% of the population lives

Syria controls territory where 90% of the population lives

The government of Syria It dominates the territory where 90 percent of the country’s population lives, said the Russian president on Sunday. Vladimir Putin at the Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Speaking at the event held in the city of Qingdao (eastern China), Putin indicated that Damascus follows the agreements reached at the National Dialogue Congress in Sochi; result of the negotiations in Astana aimed at resolving the Syrian conflict.

He stated that the Executive chaired by Bashar al Assad he fulfills his obligations and shows interest in opening a political dialogue. “Now the ball is on the roof of the opposition,” he said.

The Recovery of the territory, which was controlled by terrorist organizations, is due to the advance of the Syrian Army and its allies. In this regard, the head of the Kremlin stressed that the fight against the scourge of terrorism must be strengthened.

“Thanks to the coordinated actions of Russia, the Syrian Government, Iran, Turkey and other partners, including Kazakhstan, was largely succeeded in stifling terrorist activity in this country,” he told the bloc’s leaders, including the Iranian Hasan Rohani, one of the observers of the organization.

“Terrorist activity in the country has been crushed, opening the way to a political solution to the conflict,” he insisted. >> Leaders highlight Russia-Iran nexus in favor of world peace

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