Syria: Macron did not bring any “proof” to justify the strikes, according to the Pen


Paris (France) – The President of the National Marine Front Le Pen said Monday that Emmanuel Macron had “not brought the beginning of a beginning of evidence” of use of chemical weapons by the regime of Bashar al-Assad to justify the strikes in Syria.

A few hours before a debate, without a vote, on the Syrian file in Parliament, she estimated on France 2 that ” never “Emmanuel Macron did not bring these proofs the day before during his interview on BFMTV, RMC and Mediapart, and that” the French realized this “. ” The reality is that part of the speech (Mr Macron, Ed) is at least needy. The President of the Republic knows full well that he has violated international law, he tries to create a notion of international legitimacy “she said, but” the international community did not intervene because there was no vote at the UN “she added. ” Emmanuel Macron could not bring the beginning of a beginning of proof of what justified the military strikes “, she accused. ” I do not trust anyone, I trust international inspectors arrived Saturday on the ground to make an investigation and make conclusions. Even before they landed, Emmanuel Macron had decided “Strikes,” she said. ” We do not intervene in a foreign state when we have no evidence and we do not give time to international inspectors “to investigate,” she insisted. For her, ” the problem “is the question of who will take power if Bashar al-Assad was to let go of the reins:” They are the fundamentalists of ISIS and all the groups that support it “and who, at that time,” will open wide the doors of Syria, causing a migratory submersion “she replied. The parliamentarians will debate, without voting, on Monday from 17:00 of the military operation conducted by France, the United States and Britain against Syria in the night from Friday to Sunday.


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