Szákbamacska review –

Playing Szákbamacská is like playing the lottery: you don’t need skill, just luck. We watched the first part of the returning quiz.

Where are the knowledge-based quizzes? This question always, really always comes up when a new contestant hits the screens. Somehow, it seems that while the old, luck-based programs are brought out one after the other, those programs where we have to rely on our “mind palace” don’t make anyone excited anymore. Damage.

Dorci, chest-tighteningly beautiful

The revived Wheel of Fortune after here we have the Bag cat, but with Majka and Joci Pápai instead of Gyuri Rózsa. Although Pápai often does not get to speak, the give-and-take kind of hosting based on the friendship of the two works well even now. You can’t get too attached to Majka, maybe only to the extent that she took over Ramóna Lékai-Kiss’s yelling. But what a pity that they didn’t get the iconic 50 cm giga microphone of the presenters Gyuri Rózsa from the original game. On the other hand, I am very sorry that Dorci Pap was given the adjectives “little kitten” and “chest-tighteningly beautiful”. I don’t know when we will start neglecting these introductions based only on appearance. Of course, maybe I don’t understand the compliment. But this is just as annoying as describing in an article that “she is not only beautiful, but also smart”. It’s like the two are hitting each other…

Bag cat

“It’s healthy and exciting,” the presenters call the quiz, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what that means. Because what kind of show can be unhealthy exciting? THE Bag cat his games have not been renewed in many ways, except for two important things. One is that, while Uncle Gyuri chose the players from the many nice people sitting in the audience, in the new version, the presenters run with a pre-casting team for the “healthily exciting” contests. Here, for example, is one of the lame contestants of Sztárban Sztár. In addition, the players are dressed in costume and wait for their turn. The first broadcast featured an Arab sheikh, a disco queen and a bride. And the masks are as if the players were given the cutest leftover clothes from the fancy costume rental during the peak carnival season.

You don’t need Réva’s lexicon (but neither is this concept)

30 seconds would be more than enough to explain the rules, but then what would the 1 hour and 20 minutes of airtime be used for? So this is also pulled, like my grandmother used to pull the pastry dough. Games also require nothing but luck. Can you guess which envelope contains what? Is there a kitten or a prize under the curtain? Usual. Sometimes, of course, you get the prize after correct answers, but you don’t need lexical knowledge either, to give just one example:

“How many little pigs were there in the story?”

For the pigs and in which district the Matthias church is, they will cut you HUF 150,000, which, let’s face it, is easy money. How it feels to watch the winner and the presenter scrape up the banknotes deliberately scattered on the ground is another question. It’s a bit embarrassing for me, or let’s say: unworthy.

Bag cat

Joci and Majka Pápai, presenters of Zsákbamacska (Photo: TV2)

That crappy grammar

During the show, I was sufficiently disturbed by the use of degrading epithets and sentences like “you breastfed Madonna’s baby”. But even that was more sophisticated than 3 minutes of any Real World episode. So I won’t say anything anymore. However, it is still worth mentioning how Hungarians do not know (do they know?) the use of the more important suffixes added to nouns.

In the meantime, we also learn that one of the players danced at her wedding until her feet blistered – this is also extremely important information, about a woman no one knows. In his defense, he won the biggest prize of over 1 million. It’s a real list, but that’s another retro contest, which, if you’re lucky, the bored viewers will also be revived once, and then the “I raise the veil, I’m starting the class…” can come.

Back to the knowledge-based quizzes, at least the grand prize included a book package, and who knows, the lucky winner dressed as a painter might be the next In genius we can see…

Bag cat