Szandi’s 73-year-old mother looked at her sister: Anna is so young in the picture together – Hungarian star

Sandy and his mother, Anna surely they have heard the saying many times, “Look at your mother, take your daughter!” Based on a photo of the singer’s fresh mother-daughter, it is clear from whom she inherited the charming traits and good genes: her mom is an amazingly young woman.

The recording is the result of a random encounter. Sandy and Anna ran into a store in the capital, and this lucky meeting had to be recorded. The shared picture was a great success on Instagram, who was watching her sister’s pretty mom.

Sandy’s mother, Anna

Anna celebrated her 73rd birthday in December 2021, a fit and pretty grandmother who was gifted with six grandchildren by her children, Szandi and Viki Pintácsi.

When a singer sometimes posts a common image with her mother, congratulations and compliments are always guaranteed: not only do her followers often remember how beautiful her mother is, she also often talks about how much she resembles her daughter. They have one smile, and Sandi inherited his kind gaze from his mother.

Zsófi Szabó’s mother

Zsófi Szabó and her mother gathered a picture together with compliments and best wishes, the commentators wrote, they understand why the actress-host is so beautiful and kind. Surely few would say that Mrs. Palm was nearly sixty years old.

Cover photo: RTL Club / Masked singer