Szilvi Agárdi: unfair offer –

From the shock Szilvia Agárd, when he found in his incoming messages a letter offering him money in exchange for sex. THE The Voice a man offered thirty thousand forints to his former discoverer in exchange for a two-hour togetherness, writes Glance. The singer did not respond to the message in the end, but finds the incident very outrageous.

Szilvia Agárdi on the stage (Photo: MTI)

«Hardly any of the desired normal men send me the next very short letter on the night of a TV show» Sexx? I’ll give 30k for 2 hours. «I mean, the unknown man would rent me and my body for thirty thousand forints. I don’t know if I should cry or laugh at this primitive figure. Still, what did he expect? Did you expect me to jump into your lap? Well no!” The singer told the paper about the incident.