Szydło and von der Leyen: I would like it to act in accordance with the law

  • Szydło once again criticized Polish MEPs who attacked the government during the debate in the European Parliament
  • – It is all the more shocking that all those gentlemen who spoke in this way used to be in the Polish government – said the former prime minister
  • According to Szydło, the blocking of money for Poland from the EU shows the “top treatment” of our country and “the real intentions that prevail in the European Parliament”
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Yesterday, a debate was organized in the European Parliament following the judgment of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal on the primacy of the constitution over EU law. It was attended by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and a group of Polish MEPs, including Prime Minister Beata Szydło, who said then that she was ashamed of those Polish MEPs who were attacking their homeland.

When asked in the First Program of Polish Radio why she said that, she assessed that “nonsense and lies” were said by those Polish MEPs who “ruthlessly attacked Poland and said that what was happening in Poland was inconsistent with the principles of a democratic state of law.”

– I understand the political differences, that you can have a different point of view on various matters, but both me and Mr. Cimoszewicz, or Mr. Belka or Mr. Miller, we live in Poland and we know what the situation is like, that it is a safe country where views are different and where the law is simply a democratic country, but they create stories that harm the good name of Poland – she stated. As she added, “it is all the more shocking that all those gentlemen who spoke in this way were once in the Polish government, and some of them were even Polish prime ministers.”

– I cannot imagine that I would attack the incumbent prime minister in the EP without even agreeing with him – she said.

What can the EU do about Poland? Szydło comments

The MP from PiS was also asked what actions the European Commission may decide to take against Poland in the coming weeks and months in the light of what the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, presented on Tuesday, when she pointed to three “options”: legal challenge of the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal, use of the conditionality mechanism and procedures in accordance with Art. 7 of the EU Treaty.

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In response, Szydło stressed that, above all, she would like von der Leyen, as the president of the European Commission, to “act in accordance with the law and with her competences, which are enshrined in European law and in the treaties.” She emphasized that the Polish Constitutional Tribunal is “a body independent, also of the European Union and the European Commission”. – Mrs. von der Leyen should know about it – she emphasized, referring to the statement of the head of the European Commission that the Polish Constitutional Tribunal “cannot be considered a court”. Szydło also argued that “legal and judicial systems are an internal affair” of states which have ratified European treaties in this spirit.

During the conversation about the conditioning of the payment of funds to Poland from the Reconstruction Fund, Szydło admitted: – I am surprised that Mrs. von der Leyen determines the payment of funds to Poland, which Poland must receive, in accordance with the rules governing the European Union, because it is a member of the European Union, pays contributions also to the European Union.

In this context, she drew attention to the statement of one of the German MEPs, who said that – as Szydło reported – “we are contributing money to the European Union and this is money for Poles”. Commenting on this statement by a German politician, the former prime minister stated that “nobody is giving us anything, because Poland pays the same contributions and is the same member of the European Union as Germany, for example”. According to her, “it is precisely this treatment of Poland or Hungary that shows the real intentions that prevail in the European Parliament”.

Szydło: the head of the European Commission must act in accordance with the guidelines

Beata Szydło also emphasized that Ursula von der Leyen is the head of the European Commission, which is the executive body. – And it must act in accordance with the guidelines, in accordance with the rules that apply in the Union, it must implement documents, projects and plans that are adopted, for example, by the European Parliament. And this is her role – emphasized Beata Szydło.

At the end of Tuesday’s debate in the EP, Ursula von der Leyen addressed the head of the Polish government with the following recommendations: – Restore the independence of the judiciary, liquidate the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court and reinstate unlawfully dismissed judges. Please do so.

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