T-Mobile Thuis has internet outage for the second day in a row, impact is smaller – IT Pro – News

What you mention does not apply, companies also pay for this better service, these lines are easily 4x more expensive than a consumer subscription.

I hope that consumers will not be listened to much and that there will be stricter rules for providers because then my connection at home will become unnecessarily expensive again due to this nonsense, which means that I am also obliged to pay for it.

I also think it’s a shame if the connection can fly out for a while, but I also understand that I don’t pay for 100% reliability, malfunctions can also be done on 1 hand and are really very rare.

I just have a 4G hotspot, it’s no different for a while, the provider (T mobile) offers it temporarily for free, so you’re not in the “dark”, but that’s not getting your way and watching 4K Netflix.

MS teams and other things also work on Hotspot, only the video/audio quality is a lot less (360p for example).

Those fees would be a major concern to me, as long as they only temporarily offer an alternative, because (temporarily) reducing services in quality is always better than having nothing at all.

In the Netherlands we are also very spoiled with our Gigabit lines, while there are plenty of countries with 2 mbps lines that don’t know anything better and still manage to get by.

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