t3n Daily: Gen Z at Work, Promising Particle Physics Discovery, Online Retailer Blocks Customers, and More

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This is how a Gen Z member sees their generation’s understanding of work

Gen Z struggles with many prejudices. One of them is that she is work shy. t3n volunteer Stella-Sophie Wojtczak is part of this generation – and doesn’t think so. She points to a Yougov study that came to the conclusion: Gen Z can also be loyal to their employer – if they feel comfortable there. “I find that understandable,” she says, “why should I stay with an employer I don’t feel comfortable with?”

For Wojtczak it is “madness to believe that the world of work can remain as it is while everything around it is constantly changing”. She emphasizes: “We want to work. Just not to the point of our own collapse, the capitulation of private life or so that we first have to learn how to deal with free time when our hair is gray.”

Promising discovery in particle physics

A big step may have been taken in particle physics. The decay of a Higgs boson could be evidence of new particles – and that could revolutionize particle physics. The process by which the Z boson decays into a pair of muons was observed at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research near Geneva. CERN scientists report that this could provide indirect evidence for the existence of particles that go beyond the Standard Model of particle physics.

The spectacular discovery goes back to a collaboration between Atlas and CMS, two physics programs at CERN. Further tests in the particle accelerators at CERN should now increase precision and focus on increasingly rare decay processes.

That’s why an online retailer blocked 42,000 customers

A Swedish online retailer is taking action against a widespread problem: Fashion retailer Bootz has blocked 42,000 customers because it says they have returned too many products. “Many customers repeatedly take advantage of the high service level of free shipping and returns at the expense of our business, other customers and the environment,” said Bootz spokesman Ask Kirkeskov Riis. The 42,000 customers correspond to less than two percent of the total clientele.

This problem also exists in Germany. According to economists at the University of Bamberg, e-commerce customers returned around 1.3 billion items in 2021. That’s 41 products per second. The fashion sector in particular is affected: 91 percent of the articles fell into this area. For some retail groups, returns are now costing money again.

Users are trolling Snapchat’s voice AI

The voice AI My AI on Snapchat is actually there to have conversations with the mostly young users and thus tempt them to use the app regularly. But Snapachat users are currently having fun engaging the voice AI in funny conversations. The result is a crude mix of suggestiveness and fantasies of violence.

Snapchat planned it completely differently: You can send the program pictures of dinner or your pets, for example, and it reacts to them – just like you have an exchange with a friend. There is a certain comedy in the fact that the teenagers are now turning the tables on manipulation. As early as the test phase, the program had written homework for students and given a test person who pretended to be 13 years old tips for the “first time”.

Connection to Mars helicopter Ingenuity severely disrupted

NASA has high hopes for its Ingenuity Mars helicopter: it is supposed to act as an air scout for the Perseverance rover’s ground mission on Mars. But now there is Problems, because Ingenuity only communicates sporadically with NASA. Apparently, the communication with the aircraft is repeatedly disrupted for very long time intervals and only works erratically. This makes coordinated flights massively more difficult, said NASA.

At the beginning of April, the helicopter had set a record for speed and altitude, but communication was lost for over a week soon after. The experts suspect that the problem could be dust contamination of the solar cells – a typical Mars phenomenon that cost the Rover Insight its life last year.

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