Tabloid reports Princess Kate’s fourth pregnancy. Anyone still believe that?

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The British favorites, Kate and William, had three children for 9 years of marriage. The princely couple brings up 7-year-old George, 5-year-old Charlotte and 2-year-old Louis.

Some time ago, although in jest, but still, Kate mentioned that such a bunch is enough for her. The tabloids, however, continue to find evidence that the duchess is expecting her fourth child.

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Now the magazine “New Idea” refers to the words of Prince William, who in an interview with a “trusted person” was to confirm that he would be the father for the fourth time.

“He loves spending time with children. It made him want to have another one. Of course Kate applauded it. She shares his point of view,” reports a tabloid source.

The journalists of the magazine, who publish a photo of Kate on the cover with a voluminous coat as another proof, did not give the official photos of the princess to think, on which she is still skinny as a comma.

Therefore, we urge all fans of the royal family to calm down that the fourth “Royal Baby” is for now only an invention of British press.



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