Tactical atom from Toyota – Corolla Cross and bZ4X have arrived in Hungary

We have already come across many of the two Toyota novelties presented at the Hungarian House of Music a few days ago. At the end of last year, the brand’s VIP car showroom, the Kenshiki Forum 2021 We were able to sit in both types at an event called hand-assembled, bZ4X prototype. The current domestic occasion, where the two new Toyota could only be pushed, was by no means such an exciting, yet important station for the launch. Domestic prices have been revealed and sales have now started in the case of the Corolla Cross.

Tactical atom from Toyota – Corolla Cross and bZ4X have arrived in Hungary

As statistics show that the recreational car craze is still rampant and there is no sign that it will suffocate in the near future, so anyone who doesn’t want to miss out on the party needs to target this segment with news. As Toyota doesn’t want to lag behind – if it already has the title of the world’s largest carmaker – it will further refine and expand its existing SUV offering. The tactics are relatively simple, offering several models in all size categories that differ in style and function, so that everyone can find the Toyota logo type close to their heart. That’s why, in addition to the unparalleled Land Cruiser in the field, the portfolio includes the asphalt-optimized Highlander, making it an alternative to the Rav4 and C-HR in the future. The bZ4X, introduced in Hungary the other day – in addition to the RAV4 – and the Corolla Cross – as a supplement to the C-HR, arrived in this matrix.

Tactical atom from Toyota - Corolla Cross and bZ4X 23 arrive in Hungary

The Corolla Cross arrived in a gaping space between the C-HR and the RAV4

The latter is a recreational-looking version of the Corolla that is very important in Toyota’s life. At least on behalf of it for sure. With a length of 4460 mm, the Corolla Cross is wedged between the RAV4 – 4600 mm – and the C-HR – 4390 mm – and is the first model to feature the latest, fifth-generation self-charging hybrid system. While the C-HR may be a good choice for child-free couples who typically live in the city, those who live a more active life and take more with them on a trip due to the kids have a noticeably larger and more spacious, practical Corolla Cross in the back. they do better.

Tactical atom from Toyota - Corolla Cross and bZ4X 24 arrive in Hungary

Don’t tell him you spit out Suzuki S-Cross because he’s hurt

Coming into the C-SUV segment, the Corolla Cross’s shape fits well with the needs of the European market and also fits into Toyota’s line of SUVs. The fifth-generation hybrid powertrain is available with front- and intelligent all-wheel drive – the AWD-i also has an electric motor on the rear axle for 42 horsepower – and 8 percent more system power than before, the newly developed lithium-ion battery pack with 40 percent more capacity easier than its predecessor.

Corolla Cross price list a 11 750 000 The two-liter hybrid powertrain, front-wheel drive, starts at HUF 14,675,000 for the most expensive specimen pumped with all extras. If you also need all-wheel drive, you have to raise at least 12,550,000 forints, and the best version is 15,475,000 forints. In addition, you can even beat a few hundred thousand forints for different packages.

Tactical atom from Toyota - Corolla Cross and bZ4X 25 arrive in Hungary

Toyota has resisted full electrification for a surprisingly long time – even today they don’t believe in the monopoly of electric cars with a pure heart, the brand is more about the right drive for the right job, and offers pure electric models in addition to the self-charging, plug-in hybrid, but also has a hydrogen fuel cell. , and their internal combustion hydrogen engine. The bZ4X is the first fully electric Toyota, 9 inches longer than the RAV4 – 4690 mm – 1650 mm longer, 1850 mm wide and 1650 mm high. It is also worth paying attention to its ground clearance, which is very serious with its 21 centimeters, so the car can even stand on the ground.

Tactical atom from Toyota - Corolla Cross and bZ4X 26 arrive in Hungary

The weird-sounding name bZ4X also has some information content – “bZ” covers “beyond zero”, 4 refers to size, and X indicates we’re facing a recreational car. It’s worth learning the logic of the nomenclature, because we don’t have a hard time right now, but new electric models are coming in the near future, and the brand’s long-term plans include 30 electric Toyota models, and we’ll be in big trouble if everyone has a similar name.

19 760 000 The price of the bZ4X starts at HUF 2,000, the price of the two-wheel drive version ends at HUF 23,275,000. An all-wheel-drive version is also made of this, and those who want it can save at least HUF 22,295,000. in both versions, the 96-cell, 71.4 kWh battery powers the electric motor. With this, you can drive 500 kilometers on paper and 458 kilometers with the all-wheel drive version.

Tactical atom from Toyota - Corolla Cross and bZ4X 27 arrive in Hungary

It took a long time without a Toyota electric car

One of the superpowers of the bZ4X is that we saw it first – and a little later a related in Lexus RZ – a “steer by wire” steering wheel, which is fully electric without any mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the wheels. It would have been interesting to see if we could come across the Toyota or Lexus logo here in Hungary with this exciting solution, but the importer could only tell that the first cars with a bow-shaped steering wheel could arrive in 2023. But whether it will be Toyota or Lexus has not been revealed. It is not yet known whether any technical regulations in Hungary prohibit this purely electrical solution.

Both new Toyota models are now available, which will switch quickly, and it will be a pleasure for your car by the end of this year, when the first copies will hit the dealership.