RIYADH – Gulf investors headed towards the Tadawul stock market during the week ending on November 1, 2018.

According to the Tadawul Weekly report released on Sunday, Gulf investors recorded a net purchase of 116.9 million riyals, compared to 89.23 million riyals net sales to foreigners and 27.67 million to local investors.

Gulf investors bought 393.94 million riyals in Tadawul last week and sold 277.04 million riyals.

On the foreigners side, their trades tended to sell with a buy turnover of SAR 848.55 million, compared to a sale of SR 937.78 million.

Qualified foreign investors reversed their trend with a net purchase of SAR 1.62 million, due to a purchase difference of SR 518.63 million, against a sell value of SR 517.01 million.

For Saudi investors, total purchases of SAR 15.93 billion, compared to a sale of SAR 15.96 billion.

The institutions recorded a net purchase of 1.44 billion riyals, compared to net sales of individuals by 1.46 billion riyals.

Parallel Market

In contrast to trading in the main market, Gulfs tended to sell in the parallel market – growth, against a buying trend for Saudis and foreigners.

The foreigners recorded a net purchase of SAR 29.13 thousand last week and SAR 237.55 thousand for the Saudis, while the net sale of GCC nationals was 266.68 thousand riyals.


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