Karaday signaled in the Capital of Tolerance

As future President and Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, one of our main goals is to work for the preservation and promotion of the historical and cultural heritage of our country. Religious diversity is part of the Bulgarian cultural heritage. This was stated by the MRF leader and presidential candidate Mustafa Karadayi in […]

The head of the BMA: Listen to the experts about the vaccines, not the politicians

Listen to experts about vaccines, not politicians. This was called for by the head of the Bulgarian Medical Union, Dr. Ivan Madjarov, who participated in a briefing of the Ministry of Health and the nationally represented patient organizations. The situation is critical, we are facing a huge threat and this requires joint action. We call […]

Vitanov: We are entering the Valley of Crying – The Contagion

The mathematician Prof. Nikolay Vitanov published his daily analysis of the situation with the coronavirus in our country. “What can I write to you. When I walk down the street, people stop me and thank me. When we talk, I see that they thank me because I tell them the truth, not hide it. So, […]

Here are how many are newly infected today – the Infection

3354 are the confirmed new patients with coronavirus today, with which the active cases so far reach 78 518. 87.81% of the new ones have not been vaccinated, the Unified Information Portal reports. For the last day, 58 people died – 94.83% of them were not vaccinated. The victims of the virus since the beginning […]

Scandal. Iliana Raeva jumped on a journalist because of Lily – Curious

Iliana Raeva defended Lili Ivanova after the last concert of the pop prima in Plovdiv provoked mixed reactions. “Lily Ivanova – an untouchable fortress!”, Raeva was categorical, describing the singer of “Winds” as “the greatest in her field.” “Honestly, I wasn’t even impressed in the first two days. I am so accustomed to malice and […]