Cabaret, a family story – 1 p.m. newspaper

Feathers, rhinestones, sequins, a full house…yet we are not in a famous Parisian cabaret, but in a Burgundian village of 260 inhabitants. Every evening, the faithful public asks for more. A family story that began 150 years ago. At the time, the train passed in front of the establishment. Seven generations have succeeded each other […]

Tornado, extensive damage in Suippes – 13-hour newspaper

Holes several meters wide. A gutted roof half destroyed by the power of the tornado. Swept by the wind, the tiles are picked up by the hundred this Friday morning. Silvère Torrents is still in shock. Present in the building during the passage of the tornado, this firefighter had only a few seconds to take […]

Soon residence permits for jobs in tension? – 1 p.m. newspaper

Since the start of the school year, the “La Pratique” restaurant in Montpellier (Hérault) has been operating with a reduced staff. The manager Caroline Poitevin has multiplied the announcements. She is struggling to recruit a kitchen clerk. However, his offer received responses, mainly from foreign workers in an irregular situation. So the idea of ​​facilitating […]

When the employee chooses his working days – 1 p.m. diary

From now on, it will be up to Belgian employees to choose. They will be able to adapt their working hours provided they work their 38 hours a week. But in a shopping center where there are a hundred brands, the organization of such a measure promises to be very complicated. “In general, the time […]

A city facing the strike – 1 p.m. newspaper

The parents of students came early this Tuesday morning to this Nîmes school with the same concern: will their children be able to be welcomed? An exception, because here, more than half of the teachers are on strike, but the school provides a minimum service. Pupils, whose teachers are absent, can stay on condition that […]

Singer Dani has passed away – 1 p.m.

The actress Dani died on the night of Monday July 18 to Tuesday July 19, 2022. She was 77 years old. She was known for her deep voice, her glasses and her hit “Comme un boomerang”. It was a duet with Etienne Daho. Besides, he was working on a new album. “Like a Boomerang” was […]

Haute-Loire hit by hailstorms – Journal de 13 heures

The hailstorm which lasted for 20 minutes seemed endless to the inhabitants of Saint-Julien-Chapteuil in Haute-Loire. This Monday morning, Pierrette reports the damage to her campsite. The canvases of the caravans were torn by the hailstones. Fortunately, the campers were not there yet. “What really impressed me was the noise above all. It scared me,” […]

In Anglet, he saves two teenagers from drowning – Journal de 13 heures

The heroic act of Pierre-Olivier Coutant quickly made the rounds of Anglet surfers. And for good reason, on Saturday afternoon, the surf instructor saved the lives of two swimmers. It is 4 p.m., Pierre-Olivier is giving a surf lesson. The mother of one of the students is filming the lesson when she alerts the monitor. […]

Day and night, a trying heat in Lyon – Journal de 13 heures

They came out earlier than usual. Seven-thirty at the foot of the Villeurbanne skyscrapers. It’s already 23 degrees and looks are tired. “I must have fallen asleep at two in the morning, it’s so hot”; “When I leave at six o’clock, it’s a bit cool, so it’s pleasant. But the temperature rises very quickly”, testify […]

Degraded pavements: “the road of patches” in the Hérault – Journal de 13 heures

Slow down, avoid potholes, hundreds of cars pass every day on what is called the “patch road”. For five years, this departmental road in poor condition has been regularly clogged with tar. It has become the obsession of locals, bikers and cyclists. Two accidents have reportedly occurred in recent years. Pierre Aubry takes this road […]