Carrying out a secret mission in the South China Sea to monitor Beijing, four CIA spies have been exposed to this unfortunate event – all pages Illustration of China’s development activities in the South China Sea – The South China Sea dispute involves many countries, not even China and countries directly adjacent to these territorial waters. The United States is one of the countries actively involved in the South China Sea dispute. As disputes escalate in the South China […]

Australia is starting to be reluctant to help debt-strangled Timor Leste and Papua New Guinea, here’s the reason – all pages

GridHot.ID – Australia has close relations with its two neighboring countries, Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste. Papua New Guinea has developed a much closer relationship with Australia than with Indonesia, its only land border. Launching from Future Directions, Thursday (9/24/2020), in the case of Papua New Guinea, the government’s recent economic report predicts that […]

Feeling that his age is no longer long, Singer Iis Sugianto Reveals Early Symptoms of Covid-19: My Tongue Is Numb, Like There Is A Sense Of Sulfur – All Pages

Singer Iis Sugianto described the early symptoms of Covid-19 he was experiencing – The news of not wearing it back hit the entertainment world in the country. Senior singer Iis Sugianto reportedly suffered from a corona virus infection (Covid-19). Also Read: New Symptoms of Covid-19 Apart from Fever; Loss of Sense of Smell and […]

Changes in the Middle East and a first-rate window for Argentina

They are also highly integrated economies to the world, with an important orientation / vocation towards foreign trade. The Emirates have the second most important economy in the Persian Gulf and its GDP is slightly less than that of Argentina, although it has less than a quarter of its population; Israel is one of the […]

Indonesia does not escape from China’s ‘game’, there are 12 countries that are used by the panda country to strengthen foreign military logistics, Pakistan is also a target! – All Pages – The United States Department of Defense (US) said Pakistan was one of the countries used by China to strengthen military facilities. Apart from Pakistan, there are also Asian countries that China has involved in pursuing its targets. Some of them are Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. China is said to be trying to […]

Megawati is amazed: How could Pak Jokowi resign? – All Pages

Sosok.ID – The administration of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has reaped the pros and cons of several groups. Many have asked President Jokowi to step down from his post amidst the corona virus pandemic situation. This triggered a reaction from the Chairperson of the PDI-P, Megawati Sukarnoputri. Quoting Kompas.comMegawati admitted that she was surprised about […]

Russian submarines suddenly appear in Alaska, the United States military is shocked and doesn’t share their coordinates for their appearance to the public, what’s wrong? – All Pages

via Illustration of a Russian submarine equipped with a hypersonic weapon Gridhot.ID – The United States military was taken aback by the Russian navy. A Russian submarine suddenly appeared in waters near Alaska on Thursday (27/8) during the Russian war games, US military officials said as quoted by the Military Times. North American Aerospace Defense […]