P2P 173 | P2P Loans News KW 43 2021 – Passive income with P2P

The Viventor bankruptcy takes its course To the contribution!About this episode: Welcome to the P2P Lending News from week 43 2021 with the latest news from the world of P2P platforms. Today we are talking about the Viventor bankruptcy, a new partnership for Reinvest24, the Viainvest questionnaire, the Jordanian lender from Esketit and new Spanish […]

The escapee from the Chartres court recaptured and sentenced to 9 months in prison

Is not Antonio Ferrara wants. Hands clasped, his gaze plunging and an almost inaudible thread of voices: the 25-year-old Drouais defendant occupies rather badly, in appearance at least, the costume of the king of escape, the eel. Capable of upsetting the functioning of the Chartres jurisdiction, on March 16, 2021, by escaping from the judicial […]

BRI Distributes 500 Trillion Rupiah Credit Based on ESG

INFO NASIONAL – BRI is committed to implementing the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) or environmental and socially oriented corporate governance. The long-term implementation of ESG is one of the answers to a sustainable banking finance business. BRI’s Director of Risk Management Agus Sudiarto said business sustainability based on ESG is one of […]

Mushroom resources are depleted in Eure-et-Loir

Member of the Loupean Mycological Society since 1970 and president of the association since 1980, Jean-Claude Proust is what we call a mycophile. “That is to say that when I go into the forest, it is to observe the varieties that I meet and to exchange my knowledge with my colleagues,” he summarizes.“Which does not […]