“European Political Community”: understanding Emmanuel Macron’s proposal in

The return of the theory of a Europe in concentric circles ? Emmanuel Macron proposed on Monday the establishment of a “European political community”which would offer countries wishing to join the European Union another form of cooperation. In the hemicycle of the European Parliament, the French president spoke within the framework of the conference on […]

Tonight, on France 2, “Les Effrontées”, the history of female cinema

Les Effrontées – Female cinema is a collection of four documentaries that questions the relationship of French cinema to women: the low place given to them from the beginning, the past or future battles to remedy it, the representation of women on screen and the evolution of look at these questions. From the forgotten pioneers […]

Climate change could ‘radically reshape bee communities’

More small bees and fewer bumblebees. This is one of the unexpected effects of climate change on wildlife, according to a study published Wednesday April 20, 2022, which warns of the effects « en cascade » on pollination and throughout the ecosystem. In the United States, scientists trapped and studied more than 20,000 insects of […]

Presidential. When will the “food check” be paid, if Emmanuel Macron is

The “food check”, a measure of the candidate and President Emmanuel Macron, is intended to allow the most modest to have access to quality French food products. It will be set up “immediately after the election” in the event of the reappointment of the outgoing president, assured this Sunday, April 17, 2022 Julien Denormandie, Minister […]