A 13-year-old teenager survived after falling 100 feet!

The world’s deepest canyon is the ‘Grand Canyon’ of the Colorado River in Arizona, USA. And after falling almost 100 feet from the canyon, a 13-year-old teenager survived unbelievably! According to the report of the US-based media Washington Post, 13-year-old Wyatt Kaufman went to see the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon with his family […]

13-year-old survives 30-meter fall in Grand Canyon

A 13-year-old North Dakota boy survived a 100-foot fall from a ledge on the Grand Canyon’s North Rim during a family trip. It took rescuers two hours to save little Wyatt after he slipped off a cliff on Tuesday and fell nearly 100 feet on the Bright Angel Point trail. Wyatt was airlifted to a […]