Democrats Don’t Drop Joe Biden Despite Allegations | NOW

In the morning podcast This will be the news we update you on the most important news of today and we discuss the news of the day. In this episode we discuss the American primaries. A vote will be held on Tuesday in the state of Nebraska, although Joe Biden is actually the only serious […]

Bernie Sanders expresses support for Democratic candidate Biden | NOW

Bernie Sanders, who was in the race as a Democratic presidential candidate until last week, has expressed support for his former opponent Joe Biden. Sanders posted a video message on social media Monday night calling on all Americans to support Biden in his fight against President Donald Trump. Sanders reported on Wednesday that he will […]

Bernie Sanders steps out of race, Joe Biden is going to face Trump | NOW

Bernie Sanders announced on Wednesday that he will end his presidential campaign. It is therefore almost certain that his rival Joe Biden will take on Donald Trump as a Democratic presidential candidate. Senator’s campaign team reports that the decision was discussed on Wednesday during a conference call with its employees. Sanders informs his supporters in […]

US points 3.3 million voters to ballot box despite coronavirus outbreak | NOW

While half of the world’s population is limited by quarantine measures, more than 3.3 million voters in Wisconsin are asked to come to the polls on Tuesday. They must express their preference for a candidate in the presidential primaries. Otherwise, those elections would be “fundamentally affected”, the court ruled in the state of over 5.7 […]

Democrate Tulsi Gabbard quits US presidential race | NOW

The US presidential race is officially between two people on the Democratic side. The third candidate, the virtually invisible Hawaiian delegate Tulsi Gabbard, announced the end of her campaign on Thursday. The race is now officially only between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Gabbard was unable to play a significant role during the campaign. The […]

Coronavirus leaves heavy mark on US presidential race | NOW

Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders debated Sunday in an empty television studio. This not only illustrated the struggle between the two politicians, but also gave insight into the heavy stamp on the American presidential race due to the crisis surrounding the corona virus. They kept two meters apart, greeted each other with […]