Begoña Villacís does not enter the Madrid City Council

Ciudadanos crashes the 28M: Begoña Villacís does not enter the Madrid City CouncilEFE citizens he bled out again on election night this May 28. Although this time perhaps the blow is even harder. The last remaining symbol of the orange party, Begoña Villacís, failed to resist in the Madrid City Hall. The current deputy mayor, […]

28-M elections, the electoral campaign live

Key facts 09:35 Sotomayor: “If Podemos enters the Madrid City Council with force, Almeida will go out” 09:21 Feijóo signs Luis Garicano for the PP foundation to capture the vote of Ciudadanos 10:43 Echenique: “The Nazis who insulted Vinicius are going to vote for Vox, a partner of the PP” 13:32 The CIS gives victory […]

28-M elections, the electoral campaign live

The electoral campaign ended at midnight yesterday with the final acts of all the political formations. even though the wind blows tail to the Popular Partywhich is the favorite in most regions, there are several communities in which the PSOE could maintain control, such as Asturias or Castilla-La Mancha. The campaign has been marked by […]

PP Wins in 27 Provincial Capitals in Spanish Municipal Elections

The PP has also turned the political map of the provincial capitals upside down. The municipal elections have positioned the popular as the most voted force in 27 provincial capitals, and in 13 of them it has done so by an absolute majority. The PSOE has won in 13 provincial capitalsand only in one by […]

Pedro Sanchez Criticizes Inclusion of ETA Collaborators in Electoral Lists

Pedro Sanchez charged this Friday from Washington against the inclusion in the electoral lists of collect of 44 candidates who were convicted of membership and collaboration with ETA. At the beginning of the campaign for the municipal and regional elections on May 28, the PP has chosen the terrorist band as the main axis of […]