Announcement! Telkomsel’s 3G Signal Has Died All Over Indonesia

Jakarta – Telkomsel has turned off 3G network in 504 cities/regencies throughout Indonesia. That means, no more Telcel 3G signalthere is only a signal 4G. The process of euthanizing the 3G network was carried out by Telkomsel starting in March 2022 which was carried out in stages and in a measurable manner until it was […]

Anyone who has a risk of severe corona courses despite vaccination

Unsurprisingly, age was the most important factor. From the age of 50, the statistical risk of severe courses increased by a factor of 1.5 every five years of life. People over the age of 80 had an almost 17-fold increased risk compared to those aged 45 to 50. In addition, it was just as unsurprising […]

Corona: Vaccination recommended for young children – study examines side effects

Since this week, the European Medicines Agency has recommended vaccinating small children from the age of six months against Corona. The two mRNA vaccines from Biontech/Pfizer and Moderna are approved in adjusted dosages for this age group. But how high is the risk of unwanted effects of a corona vaccination for small children? At least […]