The money has gone… and everything is standing • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The media person, Jihan Al-Heddawi, revealed that her bank account was frozen inside the National Bank of Saudi Arabia, her interests were disrupted, and she was unable to access her money deposited with the bank, after her bank account was hacked. Al-Hadawi said in a tweet via Twitter: “By God, enough is enough! […]

The moment the Italian police stormed President Putin’s luxury yacht as part of the sanctions against Russia.. and its shocking price was revealed • Al Marsad Newspaper

Exclusive translation: Italian police officers today seized a £570 million luxury yacht allegedly owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin, near Pisa, as part of sanctions against Russia over the invasion of Ukraine. According to the Daily Mail, officers boarded The Scheherazade to present papers to British yacht captain Guy Bennett Pierce, telling him he would […]

Bodour Al-Brahim announces that she has received the title of “Social Media Star” .. and clarifies the truth about her relationship with the case of Amal Al-Ansari

Al-Marsad newspaper: The beautician and famous Snapchat player, Dour Al-Brahim, announced that she had won a “cup” and the title of “Social Media Star for 2022, at the celebration of the Stars Festival in Riyadh. The social star“ Al-Brahim shared, through her account on “Snapchat”, the certificate of honor and her title, and said: “The […]

In the video, Abdullah Al-Dabbous and his father reveal the details of their participation in the Al-Shaddad category, and the secret behind their achievement of the first places by a large difference

Al-Marsad newspaper: Abdullah Al-Dabbous, son of businessman Dabbous Al-Dabbas, revealed the reason for their entry in the Al-Shaddad category in the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival competition. They enter the hardship category “Al-Dabbous” said during his speech on the program “The Meeting From Zero”: “The name of Al-Shaddad is great and everyone was expected before the […]