Monumental Lego constructions soon to be exhibited in Nevers

Notice to fans (and there are many of them), a Lego event is planned for Saturday October 14 and Sunday October 15. The three rooms of the Henriette-de-Clèves room will host monumental works, including Harry Potter’s Hogwarts castle, reconstructed with 250,000 pieces. This meeting is proposed by Lionel Martin, resident of Saint-Éloi, who has already […]

Public writer, a real work of patience: two Nivernais look back on their journey

Jean-Jacques Dumont was a public writer for five years. Retired since 2011, he was looking for an activity that could occupy him. Although he did not specifically study public writers, he was always in love with the French language and its practice. The job was therefore an ideal opportunity. From 2012 to 2017, he offered […]

Three hours delay for the Nantes-Lyon train at Nevers station because of the wind

The gale which crosses France this Wednesday August 2 affects in particular the circulation of some trains in the west of our country. Intercités Nantes-Lyon number 4406, which was to stop at 6:45 p.m. in Nevers, is three hours late. Late trains: millions of euros reimbursed by the SNCF each year Traffic is interrupted between […]

74% success rate for students in their first year of health studies in Nevers

Satisfaction, pride, positive assessment, ideal conditions, excellent results… The positive points to evoke the Pass in Nevers line up one after the other.It must also be said that the 3rd promotion which has just completed its 1st year in health studies (the MMOPK sectors: medicine, physio, pharmacy, odontolgy, maieutics), taught in video from the Connected […]

For lack of caregivers, the pulmonology department closes at Nevers hospital

At the end of April, pulmonology was to benefit from the arrival of two associate trainees, pending the recruitment of a pulmonologist. The hospital and the Establishment Medical Commission still indicated on April 5 “No, the pulmonology department is not going to close”. A summary communication Wednesday, May 17, a simple memo informs the staff […]