‘Chinese electric vehicle’ BYD ranks 4th in global car sales…Hyundai ranks 5th

[이데일리 김승권 기자] BYD, a leading Chinese electric vehicle company, ranked fourth in global automobile sales last month, surpassing Korea’s Hyundai Motor Company. Electric vehicles alone are causing a sensation in the car market, including internal combustion engines. Looking at the electric vehicle market alone, it is firmly in first place. According to data released […]

‘5th anniversary’ Autonomous A2G joins UNGC… spurring global management

[이데일리 지영의 기자]Autonomous A2G, the No. 1 start-up in the field of self-driving in Korea, has achieved successive recognition for its technology and management system. In the first half of this year, it was the only domestic self-driving company to be ranked in the top spot by a prestigious global technology evaluation company, and in […]

5th day of CAN 2023 qualifiers: Here is the list of Sparrowhawks against Eswatini

The Sparrowhawks of Togo (archive image) The coach of the Sparrowhawks of Togo Paulo Duarte unveiled this Friday, June 09, 2023, the list of players selected to face Eswatini as part of the 5th day of the CAN 2023 football qualifiers. On the list of the Portuguese technician, we find the executives of the selection […]