Australian Open 2020: Nadal still lacks edge | sports

Nadal comforts a ball boy during the game against Delbonis. Video: The Country. D. A. | AP There was the story of lefties and, in that field, you already know: overwhelming logic. The good guy from Federico Delbonis had it all against him. Not just because of the fact that in the three previous pulses […]

Telcel 2020 Open: Nadal, a happy Mariachi in Acapulco | sports

Nadal, with a Mariachi hat, celebrates his triumph in Acapulco. In video, fragment of the match. David Guzmán (EFE) / reuters I was posing Rafael Nadal happy, again with a mariachi hat and biting the Guaje de Plata, the pear-shaped trophy that accredits him as the winner of the last edition of the Acapulco tournament. […]

Djokovic, from hell to Australian heaven | sports

When the nightmare is over, the door of paradise opens. Novak Djokovic He turns to his bench and expels a thousand demons through the victorious mouth, but Dominic Thiem has turned his night into hell. Nicolás Massú, the Austrian coach, tears escape from his eyes while his boy ceremoniously attends the eighth enthronement of the […]

Australian Open 2020: Nadal contains the Kyrgios that tennis wants | sports

Nadal and Kyrgios greet each other after the game. In video, the decisive point of the party and the subsequent declarations of Spanish. JONATHAN DIMAGGIO (GETTY) / VIDEO: REUTERS-QUALITY In Melbourne there is news: Nick Kyrgios wants to play. But really play. Perhaps the death of his admired Kobe Bryant has made him think or […]