This Sunday there will be a continuous blood donation day in Floridablanca

Due to the shortage of blood, next Sunday, June 11, there will be a continuous donation day in Floridablanca, Santander, for the Blood Center of the Santander University Hospital. The day will begin at 8:00 in the morning and will go until 5:00 in the afternoon, in the main park of the municipality. The HUS […]

Woman was caged by her mother for more than 20 years in Brazil

After spending 20 years in a cage, chained and suffering from hunger on several occasions, Rosinalva Borges da Silva was released from the captivity of her own mother in Brazil. On February 9, the authorities of Baixada Maranhense managed to find the woman who was chained by hands and feet in a serious state of […]

What Happened If Dinosaurs Didn’t Go Extinct? Scientists Have the Picture – About 66 million years ago, the Earth, which was ruled by various species of dinosaurs, had to undergo major changes. The change occurred when an asteroid as large as 10 kilometers with a force of 10 billion atomic bombs hit Earth. The blow caused earthquake earth, tsunami, to the death of 90 percent […]

Legal Medicine revealed the causes of death of the alleged Transmilenio stalker

Two days later, Legal Medicine delivered the causes of death of Juan Pablo González, who was being investigated for allegedly having sexually harassed the minor, Hilary Castro, at a Transmilenio station in Bogotá, after threatening her with a knife. The man was found dead last Sunday, at night, in the cell of the URI of […]

Icetex will allocate a bag of $ 8,000 million to forgive educational loans

The president of Icetex, Mauricio Toro, confirmed that the entity will have additional resources to forgive credits between 25% and up to 50%. It will be through a bag of $ 8,000 million that came from the Ministry of Education, and these resources will allow to apply in at least 800 cases of debtors who […]

Doña Alicia went out to exercise but ended up dead in an accident, in Bucaramanga

Like every morning, Doña Alicia López González left her house to exercise. She walked long distances with her neighbors to stay in good health; however, yesterday’s sports day ended in a sad way, forever. She will no longer participate in the walks. The 75-year-old woman was hit by a cyclist when, apparently, she was trying […]