Television presenter Margarita Ortega spoke about her difficult state of health

Margarita Ortega, the charismatic figure of Colombian television known for her prominent roles in several RCN programs, Noticiero CM& and Caracol television, has always been a symbol of spontaneity and freshness. Her vibrant presence is not only limited to the small screen, but also manifests itself on social media, where she enthusiastically shares her love […]

Newspaper TODAY | About the time, the Ministry directs the contracting of health insurance for G.68,000

Marcus Vinicius Espíndola, maintained a close relationship with former Interior and Senad Minister Arnaldo Giuzzio. Emiliano Rolón, head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, highlighted the progress of the prosecution in the case investigating the former Minister of the Interior, Arnaldo Giuzzio, for aggravated passive bribery (bribery received from a drug lord), and maintained that by […]