9 traditional clothes on the new IDR 75,000 denomination page all

KOMPAS.com – Bank Indonesia launched a special edition of Rp 75,000 in denominations for the 75th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia on Monday (17/8/2020). A total of 75 million copies are available for those who wish to have them. This is done by exchanging them at Bank Indonesia offices. This Rp 75,000 note is […]

Eminem and Rihanna: a new featuring?

Eminem and Rihanna might be up to something … After “Monster” et “Love The Way You Lie” en 2010 which has been nominated five times for the Grammy Awards and which has sold over 37 million copies, we can say thatEminem et Rihanna know the recipe for making hits and could very well collaborate together […]

Bob Marley and reggae are partying

In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the late and legendary Bob Marley, and in honor of the International Reggae Day celebrations on July 1, an official music video for No woman, no cry from Bob Marley. Directed by Kristian Mercado Figueroa and filmed in Jamaica and New York, the powerful visual image explores two […]

Kaaris presents “Goulag”, Booba clashes him while Gims supports him

The enemies of Booba are mobilizing … Kaaris who has just been in the news for a problem with young people from Cannes preferred not to comment on the situation, letting one of the members of his entourage do it for him. Since the cancellation of the octagon with Booba, he has concentrated on his […]

Alphabet will help vulnerable over-75s by telephone during the de-escalation

YE. Madrid Updated:05/15/2020 01: 07h save Related news Alphabet, the BMW Group’s renting, fleet management and corporate mobility company, has donated 12% of its employees’ daily workday to help and assist people over the age of 75 who are in a vulnerable situation during de-escalation. . With the launch of this initiative signed with the […]

During the quarantine, SMEs concentrated 75% of financing through the Capital Market

Direct value chain checks were also negotiated for another $ 2.38 billion and, on average, $ 39 million weekly in promissory notes and $ 21 million in electronic MiPyME credit invoice. “The instrument that was implemented during the confinement and that showed the most dynamism in recent weeks is the check. In April, the negotiation […]

Murcian singer-songwriter José María Galiana dies at 75

ABC Murcia Updated:04/05/2020 16:45 save The singer-songwriter José María Galiana (Murcia, 1945) has died according to sources in his family at the Caser nursing home in Santo Ángel, the most affected in that region by the coronavirus. Musician poems by the Murcian authors Julián Andúgar, Vicente Medina, Eliodoro Puche, Antonio Oliver or Salvador Jiménez and […]