Covid-19: Up to 80 million young children affected by vaccination failures 5/22/20

GENEVA (dpa-AFX) – According to the UN, up to 80 million children under the age of one are affected by coronary vaccination failures. As the World Health Organization (WHO), the child welfare organization Unicef ​​and the vaccine alliance Gavi announced on Friday, routine vaccination programs are currently hampered by the corona crisis in at least […]

Denmark. The unforgettable Queen Margrethe II turns 80

On the Danish throne for almost half a century, Queen Margrethe II celebrates her 80th birthday Thursday in privacy because of the epidemic of new coronavirus, to the dismay of her subjects who adore this eccentric monarch, having always relegated her husband in the background, provoking the latter’s anger. The sovereign of Denmark, who became […]

The Public Employment Service processes more than 80,000 ERTE per day

The offices of thePublic Service of State Employment(SEPE) process dailymore than 80,000 records of temporary regulation(ERTE) presented by the companies that have closed or limited their activity due to the state of alarm decreed before the coronavirus pandemic. The SEPE offices, whichthey are not attending in personto the citizens, they have reinforced with nearly a […]

An 80-year-old man evicted while shopping | Catalonia

Francisco Sánchez, an 80-year-old neighbor of Barcelona, ​​was evicted Wednesday while shopping. Sánchez lived in the attic of a building on Maignon Street since 1975. In 2001, he agreed with the owners of the property to move to the building’s porch, but adding only one annex to the contract, for which thing never lost its […]