Tgen Anki – The legend of cursed blood – Tome 8

A legend tells that an extremely strong child would have been born from a peach and baptized Momotar. When he grew big and powerful enough, this valiant warrior is said to have chased away the Oni who plundered the villages. This hero is not a legend… Just like the Oni… Their descendants are still among […]

Marine viruses: Simple parasites or major players in aquatic ecosystems?

Stphan BackgammonSoizick F. The GuyaderYves DesdevisesAnne-Claire Baudoux EAN : 9782759235261 110 pages What (12/01/2023) Average grade : /5 (on 0 notes) Marine viruses: Simple parasites or major players in aquatic ecosystems? Rs. We do not yet have the publisher’s description in our database (fourth cover) Add publisher description You can also contribute to the collective […]

Pour la science, n°534: Nuclear fusion

It is not yet an industrial sector, but many experimental reactors are being tested or under construction. It still conceals many theoretical difficulties, but has for decades been a fruitful field of research. What about nuclear fusion? When will we be able to count on “the energy of the stars”, that is the production of […]

The new thought viruses – Gad Saad

Wokism, cancel culture, racialism… and other ideologies that kill common sense Gad Saad, an evil evolutionary psychologist with a world reputation, points out, often with hilarious humor, the scientific inconsistencies of the ideologues of the woke movement and “cancel culture”. It demonstrates how an epidemic of pathogenic ideas spreads like a virus and kills common […]

Tgen Anki – The Legend of the Cursed Song, volume

A Japanese legend says that the warrior Momotar was born from a peach. His incredible strength would have enabled him to put the Oni, demons of Japanese folklore, to flight. This whole story is not a legend, the descendants of Momotar and Oni are still fighting each other! Shiki is a hot-blooded young boy. As […]

In labor – Frdric Lordon

Interview with Frdric Lordon, economist and philosopher, the occasion of the release of his book Figures du communisme. A reflection around the closure of the social-democratic space, its vision of communism and the convergence of struggles. you know our missions in the open air? Your opinion interests us to Mediapart: Subscribe to […]