Zwettl – fake vaccination pass: “This is no trivial offense!”

A decision by the Supreme Court (OGH) causes a stir: If a rental property cannot be used due to entry bans during a corona lockdown, there is no obligation to pay rent. The occasion was the dispute between a tanning salon and its landlord, more on p. 55. The NÖN spoke with the two lawyers […]

Landesklinikum Korneuburg – new primary for surgery

On November 1st, Erhard Schwanzer took over the management of the surgical department of the Korneuburg-Stockerau State Clinic, Korneuburg location. During his studies at the Medical University of Vienna and at the UCSF San Francisco, he gained experience in many hospitals in Germany and abroad and, after graduating, worked in clinics in Lower Austria and […]

Reading – Eggenburg: Goosebumps in the hall

Manfred Palmberger brought a lot of excitement to the Eggenburg town hall with a crime thriller reading. Created on November 20, 2021 | 05:41 Manfred Palmberger (2nd from left) gave them goose bumps:City councilor Margit Koch, editor Adelinde Gschwindl and city councilorMargarete Jarmer (from left). Photo: Eduard Reininger Manfred Palmberger read in the ballroom of […]

Equestrian sport – tournament victories for Bianca Babanitz

Show jumper Bianca Babanitz has proven her versatility in the past few weeks. Created November 15, 2021 | 01:15 Proud. In Linz and Wiener Neustadt, Bianca Babanitz once again caused a sensation with her horses. Photo: zVg At the end of October, Bianca Babanitz from the Pink Unicorn Purbach team took part in an international […]

Hockey – Wr. Neudorf hockey ladies ready for the indoor start

The women’s teams of HC Wiener Neudorf and HG Mödling can look back on a successful international preparatory tournament in Graz. Wiener Neudorf made it to the final, eliminating the local competition from Mödling in the semifinals on the way there.Wiener Neudorf started the tournament with a perfect preliminary round, won all three games and […]

Regional – six educational regions in Lower Austria

In 2019, the conversion from the state school board to the head of education took place. This has not only brought about many changes within the administration, but also in the entire educational landscape. As a result, education was regionalized to a much greater extent than was previously the case. In the six educational regions, […]

Agriculture – Farmers reject the Mercosur free trade pact

A free trade agreement between the EU and the South American Mercosur states, such as Argentina and Brazil, has been negotiated for years. The deal stipulates that trade between states is to be facilitated. As a result, more industrial products are to be exported to South America and foods such as sugar and beef are […]

Anniversary – “musik aktuell”: New strings, new tones

Mozart and Gulda, cinema and books, chansons and bangs, dumplings and servants, jazz and Schrammeln – “It doesn’t matter what kind of genre picks it up. The main thing is that it is pure music! ”And: new music. And: local music. It’s been available at musik aktuell, Lower Austria’s oldest initiative for contemporary music, for […]

Zelking-Matzleinsdorf – Jungbunzlauer: gather strength until a decision is made

The Federal Administrative Court has been dealing with the complaints against the positive decision for the planned citric acid factory in the Melk district for over seven months. Most recently, the Jungbunzlauer parent plant in the Mistelbach district made headlines – Wolfgang List, legal representative of the citizens’ initiative “Ritter der Au”, is said to […]