40,000 euros – The ex lost a lot of money: Tullner in court

A 24-year-old from the Tulln district took out a loan of 40,000 euros because she thought it would help her boyfriend. He had told her he was in professional difficulties (although he wasn’t working at all) and then handed the money over to a man who allegedly threatened him and his family. Friends of this […]

Korneuburg – New technology: With cold against tumors

Irene Steininger and Esther Lahner-Lauryn (both radiology technologists at the Korneuburg site) with Wolfgang Krampla, head of the Institute for Radiology, and Eckart Wildling, head of the anesthesia department, after the first tumor removal using cryoablation. private The first cryoablation in Lower Austria, a tumor removal by means of freezing, took place in the State […]

Autumn days for the blind market – Daniela Fally: “I was practically seduced”

NÖN: You are making your directorial debut at the Blindenmarkter Herbsttage operetta festival. How did you get into directing? Daniela Fally: Through the artistic director Michael Garschall (laughs). He practically “seduced” me by offering me the great piece “Wiener Blut”. Why did you decide to do your first directorial work inBlindenmarkt? Fally: Because I know […]

Football – Legionaries: “We’ll pick up the medal”

“Unique”, is how head coach Andreas Winter describes the feeling of being at the top of the Conference A table after four match days and just as many victories. Always well prepared. Head coach Andreas Winter has a plan in his pocket for every opponent. Katrin’s brother Why is it working so well for the […]

Müllendorf – No money for SMA patients

Jakob Schriefl is usually a happy young man. When he talks about his treatment – or better said: the failure to treat – you can clearly hear his anger at the grievances in the health sector. Not without good reason, as he explains in an interview with the BVZ. “I rely on a wheelchair because […]

Equestrian sport – excitement down to the last obstacle

A great team. Noah Domaingo and “The Great Gatsby D”. private After the junior national championship title last year, Noah Domaingo from the Pegasus-Aspersdorf riding club was able to secure the title in the “Young Riders” class in 2021. And it came like this: This year the Lower Austrian state championships in show jumping were […]

Education – Güssing elementary school campus: construction start 2022

So far, so well known: the architects Pichler und Traupmann won the architectural competition for the new building of the Güssing elementary school. In its last meeting, the municipal council also spoke out in favor of the company as the general planner of the school project. Construction of the education campus, which will be built […]

Volleyball – URW Waldviertel: The hot phase of preparation begins

The balls slowly fly in the Zwettler town hall with ever greater precision. URW Waldviertel’s pre-season preparations are slowly but surely turning onto the home straight. “It’s already going very well,” reports URW manager Werner Hahn. “Now it’s always more about getting into the rhythm.” Test double against Aich / Dob For this, Sokol Vienna […]

Despite bankruptcy – Spar Wieselburg: The future is secure

The message caused concerned faces on Tuesday of the previous week. On August 31, bankruptcy proceedings were opened against the assets of Bauer EKZ GmbH in Wieselburg at the St. Pölten Regional Court. Karl Quender from the Austrian Creditreform Association informed us about our own application. 37 employees and, according to an initial estimate, around […]

Guntersdorf – Municipality sells 1.5 hectares to Saatbau Linz

The Guntersdorfer municipal councils were unanimous when the most recent meeting concerned the sale of 15,000 square meters in the company area: unanimously agreed to sell the area to Saatbau Linz eGen. Mayor Roland Weber is happy about “newcomers” in the Guntersdorf operating area. local community Because silos with a height of up to 25 […]