A million problems: what fatal troubles await all owners of Kia and Hyundai today

– Let’s go over the specific, most popular models. What technical troubles most often overtake the owners of budgetex Let’s go to Rio and Hyundai Solaris? These cars are quite reliable. They have a simple and understandable design, and therefore those cars that regularly undergo maintenance, most often do not cause trouble to the owners […]

Why did the Russians suddenly again massively rush for new cars to Belarus

Probably soon, to stimulate sales, AVTOVAZ will activate regular discounts and new loyalty programs in Russia. However, even without that, the Volga residents offer tasty conditions for the purchase of cars through state support, and they lure them into maintenance with promotions that involve free diagnostics and oil changes. It seems that this is not […]

The first went: the auto industry leaves the Old World – Cars

Large manufacturers of “side-burning” and “loose” are also preparing for closure: to make a light bulb, a battery, and, moreover, tires, electricity is needed in industrial volumes, but they cannot provide it. Breaking the chain, even the very possibility of stopping the conveyor, sometimes leads to bankruptcy. There would be a “fat”, but the pandemic […]

Goodbye, German car industry – Cars

The kaleidoscope of sanctions imposed on Russia in 2022 has begun to bear fruit: Europeans are stocking up on sweaters and firewood, and a burning gas burner is getting the most views. About times, about customs. Double-digit inflation for Europe, where every cent and every glass of beer on Friday is counted in the family […]

Why the Moskvich plant will still be given for elite development

But something tells me: the country is anxious, except for the French, the rest of the Germans and the Japanese fled and the top wants not a personal gesheft with curbs, but life-affirming optimism for the crowd and a balanced decision for the cabinet. Having no skill, not understanding production, comprehending the automotive industry by […]