Blood-brain link of omega-3 fatty acids

Our team is one of the few in the world to use OM3 uniformly labeled with carbon 13 to investigate their kinetics in aging and in carriers ofE4 (Plourde et al., 2011 and 2014; Chouinard-Watkins et al., 2013, Léveillé et al., 2017). We also used mice E4 to investigate OM3 metabolism and assess whether a […]

Engineer in production, processing and data analysis

The engineer in production, processing and analysis of data has the mission to carry out research or study systems, to develop and conduct methods of exploitation, analysis of databases or corpus in collaboration with the various actors, and to guarantee the quality and validity of the data produced and the processing carried out.It is also […]

contribution of signal processing

Presentation of the laboratory: The overall outline of PRISME’s activity lies in the vast field of Engineering Sciences ranging from automation, robotics, signal processing, images, modeling of complex systems, mechanics of materials and structures, risk, transport, energy, combustion….The different research themes are carried out by two poles:– the Fluids, Mechanics, Materials, Energy division (F2ME)– the […]