US authorities lift ban on Boeing 737 MAX aircraft

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced on November 18 that it had canceled the decision to ban Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. However, as stated on the FAA website, this does not mean that these aircraft can take to the skies now. The FAA directive specifies the aircraft software and hardware changes that Boeing must […]

National quarantine in Ukraine – what is prohibited

In Ukraine again nationwide quarantine The entire territory of Ukraine is now subject to the restrictions that were in effect in the orange zone during adaptive quarantine. In Ukraine, after the first quarantine weekend from Monday, November 16, the government resumed a nationwide quarantine instead of the adaptive one that had been in effect in […]

Arson of the Ciracas Police, Prada MI Threatened by the ITE Law – Central Commander Police Military (Danpuspom) Major General TNI Eddy Rate Muis said that until now his party together with the Police are still investigating the case of vandalism and arson at the Ciracas Police Headquarters. Jakarta East. “The masses came into the courtyard of damaged buildings, official and private vehicles parked at the […]

Jonas Liegl moves from AGI to Lupus alpha | 02.07.20

The experienced small cap manager Jonas Liegl is now joining the 8-strong small cap team of the Frankfurt asset manager Lupus alpha. Liegl has more than ten years of experience in the analysis and portfolio management of European micro, small and mid caps. In addition to being responsible for the Lupus alpha Micro Champions, Liegl […]