The other celebrities who suffered from dementia just like Bruce Willis

“Although this is painful, it is a relief to finally have a clear diagnosis”with this brief phrase taken from the statement issued on February 16 by the family of the protagonist of “Dure to Kill”, it was made known that Bruce Willis suffers from frontotemporal dementiaknown as FTD, a disease that encompasses several brain disorders […]

Hugh Jackman has permanently damaged his vocal cords because of Wolverine

Hugh Jackman owes a lot to Logan. The Marvel mutant was, after all, his rise to fame. The Australian actor has played Wolverine in nine films in the ‘X-Men’ saga, three of them dedicated entirely to his character. Now he is preparing to recover it once again in ‘Deadpool 3’. But not all have been […]

blood, tears and dance in Carmen, the intense first film by Benjamin Millepied

The choreographer signs his first feature film, a contemporary reinterpretation of Georges Bizet’s classic, Carmen. A promising film by its aesthetics which obviously puts dance in the spotlight. Benjamin Millepied has more than one skill to his credit. The dancer and choreographer, former director of dance at the Paris Opera, tries his hand at directing […]

The actors of “Back to the future” finally reunited

BY S. DUPUIS It was a reunion that delighted fans of the famous film trilogy written by Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, “Back to the Future”. This Saturday, in Portland, Oregon, the saga fan convention was organized. And what a pleasure to see Lea Thompson, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Tom Wilson side by […]

The Tudela Film Festival honors the actors Javier Gutiérrez and Carla Quilez

The 29th edition of the Tudela Spanish Film Festivalwhich will be held from February 20 to 24will pay tribute to the actors Javier Gutiérrez and Carla Quílez within an edition that its director, Luis Alegre, will have a special memory for the recently deceased Carlos Saura. The multifaceted filmmaker, to whom a tribute was paid […]