Traffic jams at Pentecost: ADAC warns of long queues on these motorways life & knowledge

The extended Pentecost weekend arouses the desire to travel – and a car avalanche threatens on the autobahns. The ADAC warns: “Long traffic jams on the trunk roads are threatening next weekend.” In some federal states, the public holidays also begin the holiday season: Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria start with two-week holidays, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Saarland […]

Traffic jam forecast for the weekend: It will be full here at Pentecost

Updated on 6/3/2022 at 5:14 p.m For the long Pentecost weekend, experts expect the streets to be at least as crowded as in the times before the pandemic. What travelers should know. You can find more travel topics here At least as much traffic as before Corona – everyone who wants to be on the […]

Where does it get crowded on the streets?​

Jun 3, 2022 at 2:37pm Traffic : Traffic jam forecast for the Pentecost weekend: Where does it get tight on German roads? Photo: dpa/Julian Stratenschulte At Pentecost, another wave of travelers will make their way through Germany. The ADAC explains in advance where to expect traffic jams on the motorways. The ADAC traffic jam forecast […]

Fuel prices are going down, there is no rush

Un the stroke of midnight the time had come: Prices at the Esso gas station on Mainzer Landstraße 378 fell. At 11:11 p.m., a liter of premium E10 petrol was still €2.20; at 12:50 a.m., drivers only had to pay 1.85 euros for it. While fuel prices generally hardly change at night on normal days, […]

Customers must expect increasing contributions

München It was the biggest change in the history of insurance giant Allianz in Germany. About a year ago, the Dax group announced the end of its German national company. The property, life and health insurance units as well as sales remained intact. The realignment with new responsibilities, new teams and more personal responsibility has […]

Index – Tech-Science – Deceptive can be a list of the most reliable cars

It is rumored that the Russians can raise a new Moscow on the factories and various devices sold by Renault, we have dedicated a flip-flop to the history of the brand. Technology and infrastructure already allow us to go far with electric cars, but a 27,000-kilometer tour still seems like a bold undertaking. In America, […]

Totalcar – Magazine – ADAC explosion statistics – 2021.

What are these statistics? The German car club, the ADAC, compiles its breakdown statistics every year. This is based on data from their own ambulance service, the Yellow Angel, and partners, and shows not only what causes most vehicles to stay on the side of the road, but also which types are most affected and […]

Traffic jams over Ascension Day

FThe ADAC expects a lot of traffic jams for the coming long weekend over Ascension Day. Since travel is no longer restricted by Corona, it will probably be significantly busier on the motorways than in the two previous years. In addition, there are more than 1,000 construction sites across Germany, which are also slowing down […]

The water level often rises rapidly during heavy rain: tips for drivers

Huge amounts of water can accumulate faster than expected during heavy rain, which can become a hazard. Motorists must therefore know these tips for the appropriate weather conditions. You can find more car themes here Cars are well protected against rain, storms and hail – as long as the precipitation mainly comes from above. This […]

Traffic jam forecast: Wednesday and Thursday it will be tight on the Cologne Ring

Köln – The ADAC North Rhine anticipates the heaviest traffic load on the NRW motorways during the Christmas season on December 22nd and 23rd. “Travellers have to be prepared for delays, especially in the afternoons of the two days. Then family visitors, vacationers and commuters will be on the road at the same time,” says […]