Vojtěch revised the number of infected, the number decreased by 1775 cases

On the weekend, Vojtěch ordered experts to revise the numbers infected with the coronavirus virus. The new statistics were published by the Ministry of Health on its website on Sunday. The number dropped from 5,254 to 3,479 cases on Sunday afternoon, which is 1,775 less infected. At present, there are 3422 patients in the Czech […]

The Czech Republic has the largest number of current cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Vojtěch does not see the second wave in that – ČT24 – Czech Television

On Saturday, the laboratories discovered 113 new cases, so the daily increase exceeded one hundred for the fifth time in a row. So far, they have reported 47 coronavirus infections on Sunday. There are currently 4782 confirmed cases of the disease in the country. The current maximum from the first half of April was exceeded […]

Police are investigating government purchases during the coronavirus period, raiding suppliers

The National Center against Organized Crime is examining the purchase of protective equipment during an emergency, the Seznam News server informed. Detectives raided several companies and requested information from the Ministry of Health. The raids were carried out by detectives on Monday, for example, at the headquarters of Recea Prague, which supplied respirators worth 6.9 […]

Detectives at Vojtěch and in companies! They check purchases for respirators

In the early morning on Monday, NCOZ detectives intervened at Recea Prague. During the emergency, it delivered respirators for almost 7 million crowns. According to information from the Seznam Zprávy portal, the raid also involved other suppliers, and the police were also directly at the Ministry of Health, which ordered protective equipment. “At the request […]

The veils are almost over. Perhaps people will reach for them again when they get a cold, politicians and the rector Zima hope – ČT24 – Česká televize

In an interview with Reflex, the immunologist Václav Hořejší stated in connection with the end of the mandatory wearing of veils in buildings or public transport (except for the Moravian-Silesian Region and the Prague metro) that he would keep the measures for the time being. Health Minister Adam Vojtěch sees no reason for this. “Where […]