The virus takes off again in the United States, the economy more disrupted than ever

In a few days, the euphoria over the announcement of a vaccine available in early 2021 was overshadowed by the worrying and rapid increase in cases of contamination to unprecedented levels, more than 130,000 per day. “The Covid still determines the economic trajectory. The current rise in cases is much more worrying than the one […]

Surprised, Sad and Unhappy Ministers

For many ministers, it is the earth that is crumbling beneath their feet. The President of the Republic Macky Sall finally took the decision to dissolve the government, at the same time as he took the accompanying decision in the circumstance by terminating the functions of the Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidency […]

Mauritania is facing Rift Valley fever after Covid-19 and Crimean-Congo fever

After Covid-19 and Crimean-Congo fever, Mauritania is also facing Rift Valley fever. The government has even announced 3 deaths from this disease, among 13 cases recorded since its appearance in the wilayas of Tagant, Brakna, Assaba and the two Hodhs. Thus, the country’s health authorities have advised the population to follow several precautionary measures. These […]

Ciro Guerra’s lawyers announce legal actions – Cinema and Tv – Culture

Through a statement released in the last few hours, the law firm Triana, Uribe & Michelsen announced that they have undertaken “the pertinent legal actions” to protect the good name of the Colombian filmmaker Ciro Guerra, who on June 24 was publicly accused of allegedly abusing and harassing eight women, according to allegations made through […]

Adidas and Ford’s Turn to Stop Posting Advertisements on Facebook

NEW YORK, – The list of US companies boycotting not to advertise on social media Facebook is getting longer. Quoted from CNBC Tuesday (6/30/2020), leading companies such as Adidas, Ford, and HP decided to take part in the boycott. The goal is to pressure Facebook so that the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg is […]