When Afghans Sell Children and Kidneys Out of Despair in Hunger… Page all

ACCEPT, KOMPAS.com – Afghans are now using desperate measures to feed themselves, including by selling their own children and organs. Sky News proclaim to have found entire families in Herat who had sold their kidneys in order to be able to eat. Read also: Qatar’s emir to meet Joe Biden next week, discuss security and […]

Afghan Family Sells 9-Year-Old Child to Be Bridal Due to Crisis

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — In one corner of the village in Afghanistan, a nine-year-old boy, Parwana Malik, cheerfully plays with his friends. However, Parwana’s smile fades when he gets home and remembers his family sold him to marry him because of the crisis. At his house, he saw a man who was waiting, ready to […]

Women judges in Afghanistan fear Taliban release terrorists may seek them out

The Hague | More than 250 women judges in Afghanistan are in a state of panic after the Taliban released a group of terrorists they had sentenced to life in prison. Although some women judges have been able to flee their rescue missions in recent days, most are still stranded in the country. The Taliban […]

Journalist brutally beaten by Taliban

Kabul | The Taliban beat a journalist in Afghanistan while reporting on poverty in the country. Ziar Yadav Khan, a reporter for Tolo News, Afghanistan’s first independent media outlet, was beaten. He was brutally beaten at gunpoint. The incident took place in New City, Kabul. Tolo News itself reported that Siyad had died in the […]