La Nación / Arlequín Teatro premieres “Inés”

“Inés” is the name of the play by Julio Chávez and Camila Mansilla, which has its opening weekend at Arlequín Teatro (Antequera 1061 and Rca. de Colombia); today at 9:00 p.m. and tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. The role of Inés will be played by Jazmín Romero, her parents will be Amada Gómez and José Luis […]

Evrecy. Agnès and Arsène Clavier celebrated their golden wedding anniversary

On our wedding day, in 1972, we promised each other eternity, unconditional love. We are happy to see that our promise has been kept,” rejoiced Agnès and Arsène Clavie on Saturday. They renewed their vows in front of Mayor Henri Girard. This day was an opportunity for the spouses to reunite the whole family. Agnès […]

The RCN novel that is falling to the lowest of ratings

To the sadness of many viewers, there is an RCN novel that is falling to the lowest of ratings. Is about Nurses, that little by little has been losing fans. The production returned to the small screen earlier this year, having an enviable rating. And it is that he returned to the first tuning place, […]