Concerns about meat supply bottlenecks are growing in retail

“As a precautionary measure, Lidl has been buying its fresh meat temporarily from other meat suppliers in its supplier network since Monday as a precaution,” a spokeswoman said on request. Lidl is still in talks with Tönnies. Aldi Süd and Nord continue to purchase various meat products from Tönnies. “However, no goods are currently being […]

Bayer with first internet general meeting in Germany

Dusseldorf Werner Wenning stands in the usual calm pose at the lectern. The corporate logo is emblazoned behind Bayer’s head of the supervisory board, he reaches for the water glass a few times and welcomes the shareholders to this year’s general meeting. Wenning looks around the room as he looks into the faces of an […]

Bayer could survive the crisis easily – glyphosate dispute remains a burden

With the outbreak of the corona pandemic, Baumann has shifted the focus: The CEO positions Bayer as a socially committed group that has a relatively robust business thanks to its focus on medicines and agricultural products. Baumann will also announce this message in his speech to shareholders at the Group’s first virtual general meeting on […]

Fresh food is almost ten percent more expensive

Bonn, Hanover Farmers feel the current closure of restaurants, canteens and catering services. For example, producer prices for meat are currently falling. The milk market is divided into two: the dairies that serve the food retail trade are doing well; those who deliver to bulk consumers are under pressure. The price distortions that farmers suffer […]

Farmers fear the third consecutive drought summer

Dusseldorf The worried look of the farmers goes up and then down these days. For several weeks there have been hardly any rain clouds in the sky, which means that the ground is becoming increasingly dry. Memories come back to the years 2018 and 2019, when it was raining too little and the harvest of […]

Tönnies breaks the seven billion euro mark

Clemens Tönnies Positive view of the year 2020. (Photo: Bongarts / Getty Images) Dusseldorf It all sounds a bit like “business as usual” in the official announcement of the Tönnies family’s slaughter empire in Rheda-Wiedenbrück: the company processed 20.8 million pigs worldwide, more than three quarters of them in Germany. There were also 440,000 cattle. […]

Climate change is becoming a risk for the nut brand

Cologne The bush fires in Australia also have consequences in the Swabian town of Ulm. Not only did the fires kill koalas and kangaroos, 6000 hives were destroyed in New South Wales alone. As of July, the almond trees are now missing millions of bees for pollination. “This could lead to serious crop failures with […]

Bayer stays on course and promises profit growth – the flash analysis

Leverkusen Bayer AG presented the figures for the fourth quarter and for the full year 2019 this Thursday morning – the flash analysis: Operationally, Bayer remains on track and has fully met its own goals and the expectations of the analysts. A positive signal is that the promised growth has been achieved in all three […]

Bayer chief overseer Werner Wenning resigns his position early

Leverkusen A change of timing is pending at the chemical and pharmaceutical group Bayer: at the end of April 2020, Werner Wenning, the longstanding chairman of the supervisory board, will step down from his post. His successor is already certain: It is the accountant Norbert Winkeljohann who has been on the board of the Leverkusen […]

A lot of theater – but no real negotiations

The curtain rises for a classic in Brussels: “Net payer versus net recipient” is the name of the piece that the European Union performs every seven years. The plot is always the same: some want to pay as little as possible into the European budget, others want to get as much as possible. The only […]