Work more efficiently and communicate better with your…

In short, users of the new apps can work more efficiently and communicate better with their sales partners.Developed for fitters, buyers, back office and of course for the boss, users always have their mobile tool at hand. Searching in catalogs was yesterday. Complaining about information that you cannot access on a construction site without an […]

Heating with split air conditioners | HVAC

Andreas Schmitz studied computer science and mechanical engineering and has a doctorate in engineering. He works in Germany as a scientist in the field of mathematical optimization and artificial intelligence. Insofar as he would like to attach great importance to the topic of energy transition and sustainability at the moment, there are also numerous topics […]

HVAC | Reduce fine dust formation when heating

When wood is burned in stoves or firewood boilers, a lot of fine dust and, at times, high concentrations of potentially toxic exhaust gas components are produced. The best solution for effectively reducing emissions is intelligent management of the combustion process. Some single-room fireplaces and most boilers now have a lambda probe to measure the […]

Wien Kanal uses the wastewater for heating and cooling

Energy from waste water is not new at Wien Kanal, since 2006 it has been obtained from the public waste water network for the existing buildings at the site of the former Blumental sewage treatment plant. The system has now been extensively expanded for the new company headquarters. A heat exchanger in the duct extracts […]