They sentenced a medical assistance company :: EL HERALDO

An affiliate, representing the family group, sued Swiss Medical SA for damages for not having provided the required home hospitalization prescribed by the medical oncologist to her husband (who later died) and parents of their children, who were in serious condition. agonizing, leaving him free at his private home without any medical assistance to the […]

Renewed Airways in New Orleans | NBA

Stan Van Gundy was hired as New Orleans Pelicans head coach for the following NBA season. The announcement was made known last Wednesday afternoon. Enter in place of Alvin Gentry, who after being left without a chance to enter the playoffs in the bubble arranged with the Sacramento Kings to be an associate coach. The […]

A woman flies through the air after her motorboat explodes

A woman was blown up in an explosion in the port of Ponza in Italy. The moment was recorded in a video that is going viral, but despite the scare, no one was injured. One of the port security cameras took the video. You can see how the stern of a boat explodes and the […]

They extend the obligation to join Telepase

“The purpose of the extension is to give more time for all users who are joining the highways to carry out the process. Adherence to Telepase is free and more than 100,000 vehicles have already been added,” the Buenos Aires government reported. Once that date has passed, from Monday, September 14, those who do not […]

Canosa was indicted for illegal practice of medicine

Juan Manuel Dragani, Viviana Canosa’s lawyer, confirmed that the driver was charged with the crime of “illegal practice of medicine” after the complaint by the Neuquén deputy from the Frente de Todos, Mariano Mansilla. “Viviana is bad. She had a weekend where she practically could not sleep because of this situation,” the lawyer started saying […]

Quarantine: the City plans to re-enable physical activity

“The first important message is that the quarantine continues,” Quirós said at a press conference. In as much, the Buenosairean official anticipated that as the curve of contagions in the City decreased they will ask for the return of physical activity outdoors and the opening of local businesses, “always with strict protocols”. Also, the Buenosairean […]

Perotti on teacher unemployment: We have all lost something in this pandemic

After visiting and visiting the Children’s Hospital North Zone, the Governor Omar Perotti said he hopes that the tightening of the quarantine in the Amba area (Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area) will lead to greater control of the coronavirus And that decision that is hard for them “also helps us.” He also stressed that if now […]

What are the AMBA places where the quarantine was least fulfilled

“What the antennas measure are the movements of cell phones, from the transfers from approximately 150 meters. It serves to see the pedestrian mobility in the neighborhoods, outside of public transport, which is measured with the SUBE”, explained an official daily monitors the figures to the newspaper Clarion. The party with the lowest compliance with […]