S12 between Au and Cologne will be running again from Monday (July 25th).

Press release from 07/24/2022 Due to staff shortages due to illness, various S-Bahn lines have recently had to cease operations at Deutsche Bahn (DB), including the S12 between Au and Cologne. From Monday, the S-Bahn should run again. Symbolfoto: Pixabay Region. The S-Bahn lines S 8, S 11, S 12 and […]

High willingness to donate blood among the citizens of Katzwinkel

Press release from 07/11/2022 In many places, a declining willingness to donate blood is offset by a growing need. Not so in Katzwinkel. Because there was a pleasingly high response at the last blood donation appointment. Many donors were repeat donors, but a few had never donated blood before. Tim Kweatkowski […]

Study trip to Freiburg with the rural women of Altenkirchen

Press release from 06/15/2022 From Tuesday, November 22, 2022 to Thursday, November 25, 2022, in addition to a city tour and a visit to the Christmas market in Freiburg, there will be a day trip to Colmar and a tour of Alsace with wine tasting. Region. The country women in […]

Loan application rejected! What can I do?

Message from 06/01/2022 An unpleasant moment: The house bank or another financial service provider reports that the loan application has been rejected. The cash injection is urgently needed and the money is actually planned. At this point there is good news, because if you don’t get a loan at the first attempt, you don’t have […]

What came first: Easter or the painted egg?

Message from 04/16/2022 By Stefanie shoes Clearly: colorful eggs existed long before Christian Easter. In fact, the ancient Greeks colored their eggs. But why exactly are the eggs painted? And what does Martin Luther actually have to do with the custom of hiding Easter eggs? Colorful Easter eggs are an integral […]

Easter eggs without end – how many eggs a day are still healthy?

Message from 04/15/2022 By Katharina Kugelmeier Every year at Easter, many people ask themselves how many Easter eggs they can eat with a clear conscience. There are many different statements about how many eggs a day are still healthy. We have compiled the most important information and also explain how long colored Easter […]

15 times gold for the Westerwald butcher shop “Hüsch’s Landkost” in Rosenheim

Message from 04/13/2022 Recently, the winners of the “Meisterstücke-Competitions for Meat and Sausage Culture” were honored – and it was shown who belongs to the best. Among others, the butcher shop “Hüsch’s Landkost” from Rosenheim was awarded. The enjoyment ambassador from the Westerwald received a total of 15 gold awards for its Wäller specialties. […]

Gebhardshainer Land: DRK calls for blood donations

Press release from April 1st, 2022 The next blood donation dates in Gebhardshainer Land are coming up. You can be “tapped” in both the Naurother Bürgerhaus and the Westerwaldschule in Gebhardshain. The need is huge. Symbol photo: archive Region. Blood can be donated in Nauroth on Friday, April 8, from 4 p.m. to […]

On a bike tour: The couple loves the paradisiacal landscape of the VG churches

Message from 03/24/2022 Cycling is her passion, always looking at the beautiful things to the right and left of the cycle paths. On their YouTube channel, the Gehle couple present the most beautiful cycle paths in Germany. And that also includes the Verbandsgemeinde of churches, as now becomes clear in a video. The […]