Due to health problems, Alberto Fujimori is transferred from prison to a hospital

Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) was transferred to a clinic in Lima to be treated for a drop in oxygen saturation in the blood, his lawyer, César Nakasaki, said on Saturday. The professional indicated on Twitter that Fujimori, who is serving a 25-year prison sentence for crimes against humanity, presented “a serious oxygen saturation […]

Congress, Betssy Chávez: “Who should go to Ancón I or Challapalca, then let them go”

The congresswoman from the Peru Libre bench, Betssy Chavez, was in agreement with the supreme decree that allows highly dangerous inmates to be transferred from the Naval base from Callao to other prisons administered by the INPE (National Penitentiary Institute of Peru). “No more golden prisons. Through Supreme Decree No. 015-2021-JUS, a legal reality is […]

Commander Pedro Rejas Tataje tells all about his ties with the Fujimori

In an attempt to underestimate, discredit, or ignore the clandestine conversations between Vladimiro Montesinos and Commander EP (r) Pedro Rejas Tataje, the Fujimorists relativize his activities as an operator of former President Alberto Fujimori and his sons Kenji and Keiko Fujimori. Rejas not only offered a detailed account of his political activities in favor of […]

Agricultural Research Day: food security and sovereignty

The directors of the research units of the Faculties of Agronomy and Zootechnics of Unalm, PhD. Raúl Blas Sevillano and the PhD. Edwin Mellisho Salas, respectively, argue that the challenges for agricultural research are based on increasing productivity without neglecting food security. In the case of research in Agronomy, the PhD. Raúl Blas points out […]

Vladimiro Montesinos used police cell phones for illegal calls from the Naval Base

The three cell phones he used Vladimir Montesinos to communicate from the Callao Naval Base prison with Commander EP (r) Pedro Rejas Tataje they belong to an active police officer and two others in retirement. As reported by La República, Alberto Fujimori’s former presidential adviser not only called Rejas on the landline of the detention […]