Velvet – Gumicukor – Sándor Révész testified about his condition, György Korda testified about his marriage, Dundika burst into tears

In the last news summary of the week, you can also read about Lili Bavaria, Edina Gombos’ fears, Gabi Tóth’s Transylvanian concert tour and Ramóna Lékai-Kiss’s holiday. Dundika Hajnalka Majoros admits to being a less emotional woman, but the model burst into tears at her little son’s kindergarten graduation. Oli walked out of kindergarten today. […]

Index – FOMO – The widow of Sándor Oszter was hospitalized

2022.05.13. 10:45 The widow of Sándor Oszter, pianist Donatella Failoni, has been hospitalized, the daughter of Sándor Oszter told the news on the community page. Pianist Donatella Failoni fell and shrugged, spending the night in great pain, but most of all, she regrets not being able to play the piano and garden for a while […]

Zoltán Bereczki About Dóra Szinetár: We are starting to approach

The path of the much-loved acting couple parted ways ten years ago and has since drifted apart, but according to Bereczki, 46, their relationship is starting to get closer again. Many were heartbroken by their divorce Ten years ago, he surprised the whole country when Dóra Szinetár and Zoltán Bereczki announced that their paths were […]

The widow of Sándor Oszter was hospitalized

Failoni Donatella suffered a serious accident, is being treated in a hospital, Alexandra Oster said on her community page. Photo: Smagpictures “Thank you so much for caring a lot. My mother fell and broke her shoulder. Now it’s sad that he can’t play the piano and garden. The night has been terribly painful. ” – […]

Index – FOMO – The presence of his wife saved the life of Sándor Révész

Sándor Révész recently had a stroke and posted a video message from the hospital on his Facebook page. The former love and friend of the General and the Pyramid frontman, Sarolta Zalatnay, was recently approached by Bors Online, who revealed that she had been called by Ms. Judit herself, which was very good for her. […]

They take over the last role of Sándor Oszter

One of the success pieces of Sharp-Color, a Citizens of Košicefor its main role Sándor Oszter he played, and after the actor’s death, he had to decide on the future of the play. A performance will be missed, but later György Korcsmáros, Jászai Mari Prize-winning actor, will play Master János – writes Glance. „We found […]

Puskás-Dallos Petiék in the History of Our Life

The The story of our lives In the first broadcast of Season 3 Puskás-Dallos Bogi and Puskás-Dallos Peti traveled into the future. They were aged first 25 and then 50 years in the show. Peti Puskás-Dallos and Bogi Puskás-Dallos have been forming a party for 2 years – Photo: Sajtóklub The X-Factor mentor first returned […]